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    Default An early may report.

    Been fishing quite a bit lately, with less fishing in the early season, due to poor home stream conditions, Me and my fishing pal Matt were pumped to hit the stream.


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    Default Re: An early may report.

    Help with pictures?

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    Default Re: An early may report.

    Your problem is that your trying to post a picture from facebook. Facebook put on security so that you cannot share the photos.

    I use It's a free site you can store photos on. I store my fishing, kids and other event photos on here for free. It's easy to share the photos.

    I'm sure there's a way to fix this, however I do like messing with the privacy settings in facebook.

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    Default Re: An early may report.

    I use imgur: the simple image sharer

    You can just upload the pictures from your computer and then it will host them and give you a link to the picture you can post here. It has fewer features than photobucket, but its a bit quicker and easier if you're just throwing up pictures for the forums.

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    Default Re: An early may report.

    I use Photobucket, once they are in there it doesn't get much easier. Since you seem savvy I won't bother telling you how it works but the results are simple to post.


    Hope you can get them up and open soon, kinda waiting to see them now


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    Default Re: An early may report.

    I'm waiting also...You have such pretty little browns out there. The only trip I had planned there got rained out...more like MONSOONED. The time rolled around and there was no fishing weather in sight for my days off. It was 100% chance of rain every day on top of already swollen flows. I'm looking forward to getting there; maybe this year. Since that's your home waters, Ill have to hit you up for a little "driftless 101" if you wouldn't mind sharing. Photobucket really is simple to use if you don't mind opening an account. I don't know of any other ways to get pics on here.

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    Default Re: An early may report.

    I'll try to post guys! And yeah, Well in the typical driftless streams there are alot of browns, but in my home stream all we have is nice looking brookies..,occasional brown now and then in the fall though.

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    All right, well I tried....again! And yet it still shows that dumb little picture icon or whatever you wish to call it. So once I have it to flikr, I just click on the insert image icon on this forum, and then copy paste the url from the adress bar, into the insert image deal? VERY CONFUSED.

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    Default Re: An early may report.

    Something is amiss with your links, I did an edit on your post so I could go in and copy the URL. I then backed out without saving and tried to do a reply and then used the little yellow icon above the text area to post your photo but it never shows correctly. Here is what I mean:

    You might try posting your photo oh photobucket and giving it another try.


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    Default Re: An early may report.

    Brookie from tonight

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    Finally figured out the picture thing.
    Heres some brookies from this past week.

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