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    Default Walleye on Lake Erie

    Just wanted to let those who have an interest in walleys in Lake Erie, I just got back 3 weeks ago and the fishing was good, but conditions were bad. A front moved in as soon as we got there, but we were determined to go out anyway. Called our captain, ate some pancakes, popped some dramamine, and headed out. We used spin cast reels and then switched to baitcasters when we trolled. It was a fun trip, but two days of 5+ swells really wore us out. We only took 8 walleys in two days (there were 5 of us on the boat), and yours truly took 4 of those 8. Each measured 22" with the largest at 23". I look forward to this trip each year and just wanted to share with my new fishing family.

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    Default Re: Walleye on Lake Erie

    Sounds like fun...kinda
    Where'd your port out from?
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    Port Clinton on the Sandusky side.

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