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    Default Sick of Brookies

    Got sick of catching our usual native brook trout, so decided to head to a stream known for its brown trout. These are what we got!

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    So trout2234 and I decided to head back to the home stream. Bombed the usual.

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    Default Re: Sick of Brookies

    You have some nice brook trout there, I could never tire of catching them. The browns are great fish also but brookies are my first trout. Here we have char, Dolly Varden and farther north Arctic Char, I enjoy catching the char but a leaping rainbow / steelhead is always a nice treat.

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    Default Re: Sick of Brookies

    GASP! Sick of Brookies! Never! Ok, maybe once I got sick of brookies and started chasing browns too. After catching about 50 brookies in the morning on the North Branch of the Ausable, we headed to the main branch with our streamer rods. But, still the wording makes me cringe; I don't think I would ever be "sick of brookies". Those are some really nice brookies by the way; If I were catching those 8-10" brookies I wouldn't leave for anything!

    Seems to be happening often; I'm with Ard on this one too. I'm always looking for good brook trout waters.

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    Default Re: Sick of Brookies

    Native Brookies are my favorite - hands down.

    The jumping antics of Rainbows and the strength and underwater cunning of a big Brown are certainly pluses in their favor, but for pure fishing fun, give me a backpack, a small mountain stream, a 3 wt. and all the Brookies I can land in a day's fishing.


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    Default Re: Sick of Brookies

    Ahh, sarcasm for the sick of brookies part. I would really begin to miss them If I ever moved away. But the adventure of a different few spots, and the fact that it's really hard to scratch a brown out of any hole around my all added up, so we did have a great day that day needless to say.

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    Default Re: Sick of Brookies

    That was a quite a day if I don't say so myself. True as others have said, I could never tire of catching those awesome Brookies, but every once in a while I need a change in scenery and those Browns were just that change I needed. I am very fortunate to have an awesome trout stream basically in my back yard full of those native Brookies.

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    Default Re: Sick of Brookies

    Quote Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
    Native Brookies are my favorite - hands down.
    I have to agree. Id rather catch 1 brookie as opposed to 10 browns. Granted those browns are great and I would love to hook into a beautiful 20" brown but I gotta stick with my first love.

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    Default Re: Sick of Brookies

    Have to say the title of the post caught my eye and I had to see what heresy was being preached... Change is a good thing sometimes; but, consider yourself very fortunate having a Brookie fishery like that in your back yard... Very nice report and pics...


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    Default Re: Sick of Brookies

    Brookies are my first choice up here in the U.P.

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    Default Re: Sick of Brookies

    After reading your title I wanted to write your name and draw a line through it.

    I have one spot where the brookies are faithful but unfortunately during the summer it is waist high in poison ivy. I understand how the fishing would start getting bland without a little spice thrown in now and then.

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