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    Default Looking to Fly fish in Wickliffe OH (near Cleveland

    Im new to fly fishing and new to Ohio. Was wondering if anyone knows where I can fly fish without getting in peoples way. Also looking for someone to go fly fishing with as well.

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    Default Re: Looking to Fly fish in Wickliffe OH (near Cleveland

    Welcome to the Rust Belt! You're in a prime spot for when steelhead season starts up again! You have the Chagrin, the Grand, the Ashtabulah, the Rocky all relatively close by the Chagrin being in your back yard almost. You can get all types of warmwater fish up there now but any and all trout fishing will be way to the south. We've got the Clearfork and the Mad but there is also Clear Creek, Cold Creek (out towards Sandusky) and Apple Creek. Drop me a PM and I can try to help you out as best I could.
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