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    Default Re: MAD river in ohio?????

    Here's some fun information for everyone...The eastern brook trout (char) is the only salmonid native to Ohio. Any trout you see is a stocker or holdover, with very few of them being wild.
    I know the area you are referring to Jason...couple of small streams near Bass Lake. I spoke with the gentleman, Terry Harmon, from University School about his push to get the Brook trout reintroduced in that area. He also had them reintroduced into Sulfur Springs in the South Chagrin Reservation back in the very early 2000's, but new management came in and killed the fish and the program off saying that they were not native to that area (complete BS if you ask me and Terry for that matter.) The Metroparks still have the signs up for brook trout in the creek, but sadly they are no longer there.
    Without going into too much further detail, there are a couple other small creeks in NE Ohio that have existing Brook trout populations. One of them is actually a section of the South Fork of the Rocky River. I am not talking anything significant - I think like a few hundred within a mile span. I have a friend who did research on them and provided me with that information.
    If anyone wants any other useless trout information, let me know!

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    the mad river does have a small population of wild reproducing trout. there is to much sediment in the river witch covers the eggs and suffocates them, but some do survive! I have caught some nice rainbows out of the mad. The mad river has not been stocked with rainbows since the 80's. There is also a private section called cedar run witch claims to have never been stocked since the original stocking in the late 1800's. wild brook trout! it is definitely channelized and not a blue ribbon trout stream, but for Ohio its pretty good.

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    After the low water and heat of this summer the Mad might be the only water in Ohio with any hold overs. This is an old post but I found the article/study interesting.
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