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    There are a few streams in northwest indiana that stock brown trout each season. The DNR sites listed in the beginning of this post will give you those sources.

    The Tippecanoe River is an excellent river to fish for multiple species.

    Consistent trout streams are tough to find. Usually water clarity is poor, and summer temperatures do not sustain populations. Steelhead fishing in Indiana is more like ditch fishing unless you fish the St. Joe River. The St. Joe is the opposite extreme, being a huge river with large runs of steelhead and salmon, and can be intimidating for a wading angler.

    Ultimately, if you are going to be near Chicago and want to drive a few hours to fish a trout stream in Indiana, you might as well continue into Michigan and fish one of their blue ribbon streams. The other option is the Driftless Region in Wisconsin. Anywhere straight west of Madision will put you in the Driftless. There are plenty of posts and updates in the Great Lakes Region section discussing opportunities in the Driftless.

    Tim Holschlag is an author who wrote a book on smallmouth bass fishing. I found it a great read. He lists streams in each state, including Indiana, where a fly angler can target smallmouth bass. This is probably your most consistent option when fishing Indiana rivers and streams.

  2. Unhappy Re: Fly fishing streams

    John, thanks for the info. and the link to Tim's book. While reading about it, I just ordered it. Years ago I used to fish a river in middle Georgia (Flint River) and one in North Florida (Suwannee River) that held a sub species of small mouth bass that were known as shoal bass. They were indigenous to these two rivers. Both rivers had a lot of rocky shoals and swift cold water from numerous springs. Sadly, they are about extinct due to farm chemical runoffs and a couple of power plants dumping hot water into the rivers. It is big news when on is caught now days. Man, they are scrappy fighters. We used to sight fish for them until the rivers got so murky.

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    If you look at smallmouth streams in Indiana, you will have better luck. The St. Joseph River is a good option. Sugar Creek, further south, is a very well known area to target smallmouth. Further north, the Tippecanoe River system is very diverse. The Kankakee River in Illinois is also a good place to start.

    If you still want to target salmon, steelhead, and trout off of the tributaries of the Great Lakes, another good read is: "Great Lakes Steelhead, Salmon & Trout, essential techniques for fly fishing the tributaries" by Karl Weixlmann. It discusses every tributary for each Great Lakes species and offers color photos of various patters that work well for each species in a given season.

    [ame=""] Great Lakes Steelhead, Salmon and Trout: Essential Techniques for Fly Fishing the Tributaries eBook: Karl Weixlmann: Kindle Store@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

  4. Default Re: Fly fishing streams

    Thanks again. You have put me onto some interesting reading.

  5. Default Re: Fly fishing streams

    John, I bought Tim's book and the Great Lake's Steelhead book. Both are very good reads. Thanks for recommending them. Tim has really done some traveling/fishing for smallies.

  6. Default Re: Fly fishing streams

    Dixiejack...I just came onboard here and was wondering if you have made the move to Madison Indiana yet? If so we have a group of fly guys in Madison that know the area really well.

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