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Thread: Adult Crane Fly

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    The body alone is a size 6. Found on my screen door just 5 minutes ago.

    A soft hackled Partridge in yellow in a size 10 or 8 would be deadly now.

    It is NOT the first one I have seen.

    Anyone have a fly they would suggest to match this?


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    Here you go Len
    one of my old works...some thread,hackle and pheasant knotted legs..
    It is not some great tying but it fish...

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    very nice

    thank you

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    I've fished private water on the Big Lost River just outside of Mackay, Idaho with the Mackay Special, a cranefly imitation originated on the Big Lost. It was a a dynamite fly. I had to go back and buy more flies for the next day.

    It requires horse hair and the Potts weave.

    Mackay Special

    Another great pattern is the Bruns Tipula, tipuladae being the family of the cranefly.

    [ame=]Flytying Video: Brun's Tipula on Vimeo[/ame]

    Brun's Polychenille Tipula

    Crane Fly2 - North Eastern Fly Fishing's Online Photo Gallery


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