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  1. Default Andy K and I Went Out This Morning

    My good fishing buddy Andy Kurth and I went out at first light this morning. Andy has been laid up due to knee surgery for 3 months. First outing since surgery.

    We both did well. Andy caught 18 and I caught 10.

    The trout below was an amazing battler. It screamed upstream and Andy had 5X on so he couldn't muscle it. It flew downstream and then buried itself in the bank twice. I swang and missed three times on netting attempts. It blew past Andy and I and got in 12 inches of water and shook the size 10 black bugger with green crystal flash. It was NOT quite fast enough. I swooped in with my BIG net and netted it before it could escape.

    We had a good mixture of browns and brooks. By noon the sun was high in the sky and the trout shut down.

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    Default Re: Andy K and I Went Out This Morning

    Len: Great fishing report and great looking trout! Congrats!


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    Default Re: Andy K and I Went Out This Morning

    That brookie's gorgeous Len.

    Nice fish.
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