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Thread: crayfish fly

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    does any one have a picture of a crayfish fly for the Indiana area? Work great for sunfish but how do they do for steelhead in rivers and creeks?

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    check out big y fly they have a crazy crayfish patterns. here is one. its sold out in size 4 but has a 6 and a 8 i think in stock. its $1.09 but looks pretty real. there other flies are cheaper around 45 to 55 cents or so.
    u can also use a brown wooley bugger to imitate a crayfish.
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    i am from ohio and we have steelhead stocked in our streams. I have always heard to use sucker spawn or glo eggs, egg sucking leaches and so forth. thats just what i heard so far but i am new to steelheading with a fly . one guy told me anything orange? seems the steelies are in the river in the fall winter and spring only till they go out in the lake in the summer. don't know how many crayfish with be out there when the rivers are cold tho . i know that crayfish will catch a bass or catfish now tho. i was just using a black wooley bugger today and caught some fat gills and a cat with it. suppose it resembled a leech or something? so a brown bugger with a bead head would resemble a crayfish in my opinion. but never tried using one as today was the 1st time using a streamer style fly. seems to catch bigger fish than a top water beetle or nymphs which i have been using lately.
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    Hi dirkdigler2102,

    Here are a couple that might give you some ideas. If there are crayfish in the river with the Steelhead they may feed on them. They are usually used for bass. Let us know how they work out.

    Whitlock's Crayfish

    Mercer's Micro Crayfish

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    I second the recommendation of using bead head buggers as a crawfish pattern, they work great if fished properly.

    Brown trout are more known for eating crawfish than rainbows are (steelhead is actually the exact same species), but I bet you'll have some luck with them. I would say if the fish are more wild/native and have been returning to that stream (with lots of crawfish) naturally and breeding, crawfish should work. If the fish in the given stream you're fishing are newer stockers, then they may not know what to do with a crawfish.

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    You might try the Clouser Crayfish - I have had pretty good luck with them for Indiana Smallies. I've never used them on Steehead though. For a picture, Google 'Umpqua Flies' then go to bass - subsurface flies and they have several to look at. Hope this helps.

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    The Whitlock pattern looks great ! Do you know where a
    recipe for that might be obtained ? I would love to tie up
    some of those.

    Otherwise, I guess I never knew that Steelies went for
    crayfish ??? I've used Egg Sucking Leeches, various Egg
    patterns, Stoneflies & others, but never Crayfish. Do you
    just dead drfit them, or give some light twitches ??

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