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LenHarris 02-13-2012 12:37 PM

That Magical Feeling

Went out this morning to just walk some streams. The winter has been much too long and I needed some time outside.

It seemed very awkward to be on the stream without a pole in my hand. I managed to scout 2 new stretches. One stretch I had wanted to scout for quite some time. It was a nice walk. The stream was too skinny and the trout were far and few and almost nonexistent. Log book entry already made about that stretch.

The second place I scouted was a little better and the trout gods were smiling on this stream. A return trip with a rod in hand is in order.

On the was back to the vehicle it began to spit snow and the area was a little hazy. It seemed magical. The snow was gently hitting me in the face and my beard was icing up a little. I couldn't help but smile the entire way back to the vehicle.

I truly love the outdoors and miss my quiet time on the stream.

mcnerney 02-13-2012 03:08 PM

Re: That Magical Feeling
Len: I know what you mean about the magical feeling! I spent the weekend with the girlfriend in Pinedale and out her front window it looked just like your photo with the low hanging clouds, very sureal. Four deer bedded down under the trees in the neighbors yard and didn't seem too concerned as I was shoveling the fresh snow off the sidewalk.

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