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Thread: Stones!!!

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    Size 12 or 10 these. The water was alive with them.

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    i noticed them coming off the Grand River in Lansing yesterday but nothing was keyed in on them, not even the birds.

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    Len: Great work on the photograpy capturing that stone fly nymph.

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    SWEET! Glad to see the stonefly hatch kicking in. Thanks for the report

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    Quote Originally Posted by araitim View Post
    i noticed them coming off the Grand River in Lansing yesterday but nothing was keyed in on them, not even the birds.

    I'd bet a dollars to doughnuts that the fish had gorged themselves on the nymphs. I'd go tomorrow and take another look, maybe drag a nymph around and see what happens.

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    Flashback PT nymphs tied in dark colors have been absolutely killer in our area, likely due to their resemblance to stone fly nymphs. Definitely a solid go-to, at least in my area! Hopefully I'll be fishing the dry stage soon!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    I hear ya there Gator! I've been fortunate to fish a few decent midge hatches this season, but nothing that really got me excited. Next week though, temps are in the 60's and maybe even 70 a day or two. I expect some really solid BWO action, and have stocked my box accordingly. I'm really just biding my time until we get into some caddis hatches. This is shaping up to be one really solid year for us up here hatch wise. Little to no flooding events, and the streams are just packed with bugs.

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