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    Default First time out on the Du Page 3/8/2012

    Went out today just downstream from the hammel woods damn in plainfield. The river was at normal flow and the sun was dancing with the clouds all day. With gusts of wind of 20+ I had to time my casts, as well as just roll cast most of em out there. I walked up north of the damn on the east side of river for a little ways but saw nothing and no bites.

    My only success I had was a 14" smallies that I caught just below the dam. It was a big confidence builder for me because it was the first fish I had caught on one of my clousers I tied up personally. It just makes the whole challenge more rewarding. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me for this trip but will be bringing it out tomorrow.

    I understand it is probably very cold for smallies currently but I work with whats available. This year my goal is to start using only flies I tie as well as learn how to get one of those 15lb dupage torpedo carp.

    As always good luck everyone and please comment and respond I have only been fly fishing for one year and love it. Now its time to learn.
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    Default Re: First time out on the Du Page 3/8/2012

    Pat, glad to hear you took up tying. I was wondering if you were still around on here as I hadn't seen you in a while. Are the road projects ended around here now? I figured you guys would work straight through to summer! I enjoyed fishing with you last year on the Duper. We need to hit up the Kankakee this year together. My wife and I are building a new house in Oswego so my time may be limited but let's make it happen!


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    Default Re: First time out on the Du Page 3/8/2012

    Hey Pat,

    That's a great day for anyone! When I took up with a fly rod all I caught were some very small Sunfish & Chub so to have a big bass get hold of your fly was exciting I am quite sure. Good to have you posting again,


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    Default Re: First time out on the Du Page 3/8/2012

    Pat: Congrats on the smallie, especially catching it on one of your clousers, isn't that a great feeling! Keep us posted on how the Carp fishing goes.

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    Default Re: First time out on the Du Page 3/8/2012

    Thanks everyone for the encouragment. Im just glad Im back out on the water. Gonna try to document it this year a little better and actually learn a thing or two.

    Forrest, its good to hear from you. Work last year had gotten really hectic towards the end and then I have been doing a couple of remodling jobs on the side. But Im finally back on the water and after the fish. Good luck and see you all out there

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