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    Default Beautiful day for fishing/scouting

    Drove up to Dekalb, Il today and fished the Kishwaukee river for a hour and half. Although it is a river, the section of water I fished was more of a creek but it had promise... at first.

    I had seen this creek years ago when I lived in the area for school but at the time I wasn't someone who fished often. This log jam looked nice at first but after tossing fly after fly at every angle I could find with no success I moved on.

    I traveled a little further downstream tossing to the shoreline and playing along the cover and different flows. This was a great little hike and I didn't photo as much as I should but will be back in the summer to hit the holes and logjams I scouted out today.

    After I was done in Dekalb I returned home to Plainfield. I fished a new creek to me off of lockport street. Lily Cache creek the section of creek I covered was shallow for the most part some places only a few inches deep but I did find holes.

    I walked along this creek for an hr and a half with my fly mostly attached to my handle due to the space between fishable waters. I saw a few minnows but not much more than that. No success here either, but will return in the summer as well. Later when I got home I looked up this creek on google earth quickly found out I was fishing some of the narrowest parts of the creek and as a creek as a whole this section was scenic and not where I will expect to fish in the summer. I found some different sections that I will try.

    So in the end, I had a great day hiking through some new waters for me and scouted a few places out for the summer. But SKUNKED. Oh well great casting practice for when it counts. So good luck and hope to see you out there.

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    Default Re: Beautiful day for fishing/scouting

    We all get skunked from time to time, nothing to worry about. Loved your photos of the streams and better luck next time out!

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    Default Re: Beautiful day for fishing/scouting

    Thanks I'm just glad I got to get out on new water. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of fish soon.

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    Default Re: Beautiful day for fishing/scouting

    thats my home river!
    it is slow this time of year, too cold for much activity.
    give it another month and you'll encounter a totally different environment



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    Default Re: Beautiful day for fishing/scouting

    Awesome and glad to hear there are indeed fish in there because nothing I threw in there worked haha. Its slow down here on the dupage river too, I assume its still a bit cold. I cant wait for it to warm up and especially to get back to the Kish. I wish I could've explored more but didn't have long. Maybe Ill see you out there. Good luck

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    Default Re: Beautiful day for fishing/scouting


    like the fellows have said before me, early season can be a little slow. Here I take a week long float as soon as the ice goes out and if I catch half a dozen in 5 or 6 days it was a good trip. Your pictures and descriptions make it clear that you had a good time just being there.

    Great post bud,


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