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    Default Today on the Dupage

    Today started with a little rain and breezy but the temperatures were up. The unfortunate thing was forgetting my camera. It was the best day this year for fishing on the Dupage (for me atleast).

    5 Rock bass one being about 8"
    3 Smallmouth one about 15"
    1 Largemouth 8" small

    I started out at Hammel woods just below the damn no luck there. I moved downstream to the Rt 52 bridge and caught all the rock bass, the largemouth and 1 tiny smallmouth. After I was done playing with the dinky fish, I relocated to the Dupage in shorewood off river rd. There is a nice park there with several holes and also a fork in the river. I didnt explore any of the forked area but worked along the shoreline of the park. Found two productive holes which each produced a smallmouth 15" and 12". The 12" proved to be the better of the fight. I plan to explore this park further in waders on Wednesday, the forecast is 80*. If it proves to effect the fish as much as the 63* did today it should be another great day on the river. And this time I will remember the camera. Good luck and see you out there.

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    Default Re: Today on the Dupage

    Congrats on a great day of fishing on the Dupage!

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    Default Re: Today on the Dupage

    At least you're catching a bunch of fish and that's good. For me today started out calm but at -11 F. You're doing good down there bud What are you catching them on; fly, rod, reel, etc?


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    Default Re: Today on the Dupage

    Well I know I'm abou to make everyone jealous but here it is.

    rod: 9' TFO Lefty kreh pro series 8wt
    reel: Here's where you get jealous Redington Crosswater. lol first and only reel i currently own. but researching better reels currently. I here it helps when going after steelhead which I plan on doing in a few weeks.
    fly: egg sucking leech which is what I have had the most luck with this year as opposed to the chartruese and white clouser minnow that worked so well last year.

    So there it is any recomendations and the a quality all around reel for an 8wt let me know and as always. good luck and see you out there

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    Default Re: Today on the Dupage

    Not a bad day!

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