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  1. Default fly patterns wanted

    Does anyone have any good fly patterns for browns? Any and all help is welcome. This fly would be for the Michigan area mid to lower. Thanks again...


  2. Default Re: fly patterns wanted

    I have had great luck with the wooly buggers, wooly worms and assorted nymphs in larger sizes like 8's and 6's. Browns like big meals. Then again I have caught them on 18' wing olives to be specific. Stay down and stay fishing. Browns on dries? Haven't had that much luck with them here. But wets and nymphs are fairly good producers.

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  3. Default Re: fly patterns wanted

    i am planning a trip up to the Mo next week and have been tying for a few weeks to get ready.

    not sure what the bug situation is in Michigan, but i am bringing baetis in all stages (nymphs, emergers, drys, duns, cripples, spinners) just in case the baetis are coming off. but it will take some serious action on the dries to get me to fish them. also, if you are like me and dont care for fishing tiny dries, try a size 8 - 10 griffiths gnat. it basically looks like a cluster of small dries. sometimes if there are lots of bugs on the water, looking like a big meal is advantageous.

    but mostly i am planning on pulling streamers, and boy does that plan make me grin!! BBT on streamers is my favorite trout fishing! id much rather fish to angry fish than hungry fish.

    i have been tying up various streamers in 2 & 6.
    rubber legged krystal buggers, brown and green.
    marabou muddlers
    double bunnies
    bow river buggers
    kiwi muddlers

    i have tied probably a half dozen of each and will bring my bench along in case i find something i need. or if any one color, size, pattern outdoes the rest.

    since the stretch of the mo we will be fishing is a tail water, i also have all the standard tailwater nymphs. scuds, sow bugs, san juan worms etc.

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