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    My son and I are just getting into this sport. Are there decent access points along the Dupage in Plainfield? I was talking to a DuPage forest preserve police officer and he said that there are smallmouth, stripped bass, northern and even muskie in Salt Creek. I can remember signs on the water saying DO NOT TOUCH THE WATER!

    Len S

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    There are numerous spots on the Dupage river in Plainfield, Shorewood, Bolingbrook and Naperville. I know there are many more but I am most familar with these locations. I haven't seen any signs saying not to touch the water except beneath the several dams on the river. Law enforcement in Will County has seen me wading in the river several times and has only asked me how the fishing was and that they rarely see fly fisherman in the river. Send me a pm and I can let you know exactly where I have waded before so you will have little worry when taking your son. There are tons of parks along the river that are not found online or in fishing books for the dupage.
    I have yet to try the salt creek yet although it is on my to-do list. From what I have heard there are smallies, rock bass, largemouth, carp, channel cats, crappie and bluegills in the dupage. The smallies and rock bass are most prevelent but I have heard a story that there was a northern pike caught in the dupage in Plainfield a couple of years ago, but this is very rare and I have yet to see one in the river.

    On another note thanks everyone for responding to the thread, I hope my information helps someone out there. And thanks to everyone for all the help too. Without this forum I would be lost on how to actually fish. Good Luck and see you out there... I'm headed to the super duper now!

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