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    Default Smallies on the Du page

    A few pictures from the last week. The smallies have come out for the warm temps. Caught about 20 fish the last week. Only a few pictures, unfortunately the the largest fish for me this season is also my worst picture but here it goes. The big one was 19" a lil over 4lbs, felt like a cinder block trucking through the river. He ate a beadheaded olive wooly bugger the other two were on white zonkers.

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    Default Re: Smallies on the Du page

    looks like a great outing!!
    man, we're like 45 miles apart and i've never fished the dupage before.
    we should go fishin



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    Default Re: Smallies on the Du page

    We definitely need to get together. Might be heading back to the Kishawaukee on Wednesday, Ill let you know. But you definitely need to come down and fish the dupage river sometime. It has become my favorite body of water for smallie fishing. The river is loaded with them.

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    Default Re: Smallies on the Du page

    The spawners will be running into the Tribs here shortly if not already. Thanks for this post, you got me fired up for some lake run red eyes!
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    Great catches! Wow what stretch of the DuPage? I've not had much success this spring with the Fox?

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    Default Re: Smallies on the Du page

    I fish mostly from plainfield and down through shorewood. Lately I have only had an hr here or there, so I have been trying to maximize my time by fishing from the banks and forgoing waders. If you have trouble finding decent access pm me and Ill help you out.[COLOR="Silver"]

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    Thanks for the tip, need to check it out. Is it wade-able, or are there any holes to watch out for?

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    Default Re: Smallies on the Du page

    The river on average is only about 3ft deep, usually with a gravel bottom. There are a few pools I have found that will go above my chest high waders but I havent found any that just drop off without warning. Most of the pools slowly get deeper and unless your watching the clouds for 100ft or so you might get wet. The only section I have heard of that you need to be careful on is a section in Shorewood IL, at Hammel woods forest preserve. I have heard that directly upstream from the damn the bottom tends to be very muddy and a couple of deeper pools you could get into trouble with,again you would have to not pay attention to where you're going. I have personally walked this section and found that going a 1000' upstream from the damn the bottom becomes gravel and back to the normal depths of the river.

    The Dupage ,although I have not explored much of it, is one river that I feel safe wading by myself.

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    Thanks, I'll have to head south to check it out... Skunked again yesterday on the Fox in Geneva :-(

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    Default Re: Smallies on the Du page

    Nice smallies! My mother in law lives in Plainfield and I always drive right over the Dupage near the Miejer. For years I have been telling myself that I need to throw the waders on and go fish it - looks like more motivation!
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