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    Thanks for the motivation mbphotos. I'm gonna try to contact some people in charge of the parks. If I could get permission to make a couple of trails here a lot more beautiful fishing habitat would be much easier to get in and out.

    Iaflyguy thanks for the suggestion to make up a separate thread for advice on setting up a tourney. Im tired up tripping over tvs and old tires and would like to somehow help work with someone who knows what they are doing to clean up the river. The Du page used to be very polluted and has come a very long way. but there is still so much garbage from hooligans throwing their garbage in there. On one stretch of the river there is an old 50's one ton truck in the river. I also want to let others know how amazing the fishery is and could be so much better. I have talked to people who live in the area and never knew there was good fishing in the river however that happens. Sounds like a visit to the DNR office may be in order.

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    there is a down side to making those spots easier to get too.. keep that in mind. if you decide to build trial. I reccomend watching alot of the IMBA Trail Building videos on youtube. build it right the first time.

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    Awesome. I'n gonna look into that shortly and also see if minor modifications to game trials to be a little harder for some to find. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.

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    my crew works with landmanagers all the time, we just got the green light to start dirt work on a 4 mile trial we have beeing flagging for months..

    [ame=]IMBA - USFS - Building Mountain Bike Trails - 1 of 9 - YouTube[/ame]

    watch the videos, itll give you some ideas. just because the goal is mtb trails the rules for making it last and fun works for foot paths also. means less work in the future. good luck!

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    Awesome video MB. I'm gonna look for the rest tonight. Thanks for the guidance. Im gonna be doing a little bit of bushwacking to get to a new spot of the Dupage for me. Haven't been able to find it off a main trial but thanks to google maps I know its there.

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    we use google ALOT

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    Well got the motivation to get in contact with the local conservation group down here and will actually be volunteering this may, in the "dupage river sweep". It is an even where a bunch of volunteers in different municipalities organize a wade through the river removing trash. They also coordinate a "restoration" crew that works along the banks trying to remove invasive species and cleaning up trash.

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    cool! good luck

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