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    Default Devil's Lake, Wisconsin

    Has anyone fly fished Devil's Lake near Baraboo, Wisc? I have just entered the world of fly fishing and I am hoping to pop my cherry while on a camping trip up there the first weekend in June.

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    theres fish in there for sure. take a look at this..

    [ame=]Devil's Lake April Hatch Trout Feeding Frenzy by Lyubaka - YouTube[/ame]

    Also might be worth your while to take about a 20 minute drive to the town of Lodi. Lodi Creek has some nice trout fishing right in an around town. Easy drive plenty of trout. Also take a look at a map for Rowan Creek (also close). Found a stretch that went through a park just loaded with small browns. Lots of fun as well.

    One more to check out is Dell Creek. Found some real nice rainbows feeding under a bridge at a tail out one day. Not as good as the other two though, but super duper close to the lake.

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    Default Re: Devil's Lake, Wisconsin

    That right there is a lot of bugs!...

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    Default Re: Devil's Lake, Wisconsin

    I hear they stock that lake pretty full of trout and other fish. Thanks for the other recommendations! Hopefully, I can break away from the group long enough to explore the other locales. I will have to post some pics of my trip and hopefully my first fish on the fly! And ghocevar, you are right! They be swarmin'!


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