A couple weeks ago I was up near Boulder Junction, WI with my wife, at her folk's place on a lake. I got to do some fishing and have a question for folk familiar with those waters. The past couple years I've fished a spot on the Manitowish river, a bit of a drive from boulder junction, where there are some nice size bass. One particular hole consistantly holds two that put a very nice bend in my 8wt. The other week the second one was running towards some submerged wood and snapped my 1x tippet when I tried to keep him out.

Anyways, when I was retying and grieving the loss of that fish, I noticed three fish slide into the current near me. My first instinct was 'wow those are nice trout', but I didn't think there would be trout in the river. I could see their profiles well enough to know they weren't bass and to become convinced that they looked a lot like trout. As I worked my way upstream I spotted more. Always holding in the current, in the sort of spots I'd expect a trout to be. I'd left my trout stuff at home and tried to tempt them with what I had to offer from my streamer collection, but no dice. Had I more time I would have returned in the evening to see if they would hit any drakes or hex that might come off, but, alas, had to go home.

So... am I crazy in thinking they were trout? Was it something else?