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Thread: Carp Flats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jk 8 View Post
    Door County is absolutely where its at. I caught some monsters there this summer, right out in front of our cabin. Super easy wade fishing, but I use a kayak to move quickly from area to area, looking for tailing or feeding carp. Crystal clear water always, but wind can sometimes be a problem. Pkins is right also, no one fishing for carp up there, let alone fishing the flats with a fly. I fish the bay side, but I've heard that the lake side is better, just never made it over there. Good luck
    Would it be too rough for a paddleboard? Planning on making one this spring to use for fishing with. Seems like there are quite a few guys/gals using them on saltwater and I thought it would be a ball to get into some skinny shallows with one of hang on for the ride while fighting a fish!

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    I see Lake Michigan all the time. Are there any places like this on the south shore of lake Erie?

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    Good morning, this is my 1st time on here. Fly fishing for carp is on my list of things to due this summer. I live very close to Door county & would welcome the opportunity to fish with you for them. Let me know if your interested.....Scotty

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