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Thread: Carp Flats?

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    Default Carp Flats?

    I am dying to find some "flats" on Lake Michigan near Chicago where I can sight fish for carp. My river carp are fun and all, but I want to see if the Lake Michigan carp live up to their reputation.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Default Re: Carp Flats?

    Im not sure where to find them but I am interested if anyone does?

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    Default Re: Carp Flats?

    I would think that Door County is the best spot.
    Lots of shallow large Bays. I have never done it for Carp, Have done it for Smallies. From what I hear its hit or miss. Early morning is best. Find a bay and just walk around till you find some carp.

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    Default Re: Carp Flats?

    klunker, I think you may be onto something with Door County. I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before. I lived in Door County for several years before I had started to fly fish, even fish for carp. But I remember seeing schools of torpedos cruising around just about everywhere. The water is usually very clear and most bays are wadable. So after I read your post I tried to do some research.

    For Door County there are many cities that contain beautiful carp territory. I only have info on a few on this post.

    Sturgeon Bay, Wi
    Sunset beach is located just west of the downtown area on I believe 3rd st. This section will stretch west until a state park on the same shoreline about 12 miles west. Old Quarry boat launch is where most fishing access stops in sturgeon bay. This section contains numerous bays and several places to pull off and fish.

    I have also heard Rowley's bay, Horshoe bay, Sand bay and several others along both the Green bay and Lake Michigan Shoreline. Most of my experience has been around Sturgeon Bay, Wi and some small streams. I have seen many carp roaming around and very large carp too. As much as I can remember, I have not heard of anyone fishing for carp up there. Usually they treated them as garbage if caught and left for animals.

    If anyone plans on taking a trip up there I could help find some safe fishing spots and locals favorite places to eat. I would not suggest a carp trip until at least April from a couple of buddies I called. Once it warms up they will be everywhere and available to sight fish.

    Hope this helps and is readable. And a spot on the Dupage river in Shorewood, Il (Hammel woods dam access) is coming to mind now. Before I started to fish for carp I had passed this small bay of the river with a silty bottom and only a few feet deep loaded with carp. I took notice at the numbers. They were on average 18-24" a few larger a few smaller.

    Anyways there are two ways to get to this spot. Start upstream of the dam and wade about 1/2mile upstream hitting smallies and some smaller flats on the east shore of the river. Just before the river takes a bend to the east and back to the left on a rocky shoreline, located on the west shoreline is a small shallow bay. Usually loaded with carp tailing and a few smallies. I dont know how deep the silt in the bay is but to stay on sturdy substrate you could cast almost clear across it.

    The other way to get is to take the pavement trail up the hill and then the dirt hiking trail by the boulder at the top the hill and follow the trail down a fairly steep "path" down to the shoreline on the flats shore. I tried to check out the spot today but the Hammel Woods dam access is under construction and I didnt have the time for the extended hike. Maybe tomorrow. Let me know if these directions make any sense.

    I have also read that the dunes state park is a good place to look for big carp but I only read that and not experienced it. So good luck to everyone and FYI the Dupage river in Plainfield IL is not frozen over at all.

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    Default Re: Carp Flats?

    Door County is absolutely where its at. I caught some monsters there this summer, right out in front of our cabin. Super easy wade fishing, but I use a kayak to move quickly from area to area, looking for tailing or feeding carp. Crystal clear water always, but wind can sometimes be a problem. Pkins is right also, no one fishing for carp up there, let alone fishing the flats with a fly. I fish the bay side, but I've heard that the lake side is better, just never made it over there. Good luck
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    Door County.

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    Default Re: Carp Flats?

    cool thread, glad i caught it
    i'm headed up to washington island (northern tip of door county) in august and will definitely look into tracking down some carp !
    anyone have ideas on gear in that area for carp?



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    Default Re: Carp Flats?

    Bumping this thread up as this trip is on my radar this spring/summer. I'm about 2 hours from green bay and plan to explore these flats for bronze bones Anyone else wanna play?
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    Default Re: Carp Flats?

    Possibly...gotta check the schedule but aside from that...
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    mridenour Guest

    Default Re: Carp Flats?

    I swear I must be getting dyslexic in my old age but I could swear I read cr ap flats.

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