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    I've been going up there since about 2005 - at first we'd go up for the salmon run, but now we go in November and April for steelhead - went to the DSR once - when it was $25 - but I cant seem to wrap my head around the whole 'private piece of river' thing - however, after seeing how some people abuse the fish, their fellow fishermen, the river and it's banks elsewhere, I might revisit -

    Anyway -I've mostly stayed at Whitakers -the price is right, the shop is great, but availability might be an issue - we book next year's room when we check out -
    I've stayed at the 1880 house a couple of times - it feels more like a fine b&b, and Linda's homemade soups and breads are fantastic - there's also a common room or two - one with a fly tying table -
    I've made last minute (stay an extra night) arrangements at Salmon Haven in Altmar - cheap - once Brenda gave us her trailer out back for the night, and the next time we got a bare bones front room right off the common room (with continental breakfast), but we got hardly any sleep thanks to the big group of guys who went to bed late and got up at 2am, noisy without regard for other guests - thin walls - ( although that night was followed by our best day of fishing up there).
    I also stayed at the TravelLodge, last minute - expensive for a crappy motel room -
    This year I'm checking out the Comfort Zone - looks nice, reasonable price, and nice people to talk to on the phone -

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    Default Re: Salmon River trip this fall

    The last 2 times I stayed in the area we rented a cabin from these people (I think) I thought it was called 'Red Fox Lodge' but this looks like the place to me. It's been 12 years since I was there but the prices were good and the cabins were nice.

    Salmon River NY Lodging: Fishing, Snowmobiling, Camping, Rafting Vacations & More

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    Default Re: Salmon River trip this fall

    Hi guys !!

    Well then ! just picking up my tickets for Pulaski (via Montreal Canada).

    I'll come from 01 nov to 12 nov 2013. Hope I'll meet some of you guys ! having good bite and cold beers !

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    Default Re: Salmon River trip this fall

    Lucky you BenThat's going to be a great trip!

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    Default Re: Salmon River trip this fall

    Thanks JP ! Hope so !! sure if you want to join me, it will be a pleasure.

    Have you a plan for a 2013 fishing trip ?

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