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smallieman 07-20-2010 11:22 AM

Dupage River 7/20/10
I have not reported in a while so here we go. Today I had plans to fish with BIG MIKE... but do to the storms that were due in this morning. Mike I guess was scared of storms so he didn't show. I had the river to myself this morning. I started around 6am and it was very cloudy and cooler. I started in shorewood and worked my way up to hammel woods dam and then down stream to another dam.

I was geared up with my new fly vest... which I love and my 5wt. I was trying out my new weedless poppers being there is alot of weeds but tons of
fishing holding behind them. When I got to the river there were boils and fish surfacing everywhere. I got in the river and made my way..I was working my popper on the shorelines and working them my way nice and slow.. I **** you not for the first 10 minutes I had a huge strikes each cast.

I caught a total of 30+ fish.. being you all make fun of me with all my "bait" photos I wont post them all but the fish ran from 12-16inches. Never the less fun ass hell...

I did manage to have a killer fish on and I thought it was a huge smallmouth but it was a really nice largemouth. I landed 5 largemouths today..All on the "THE GOLDEN SHOWER"

But here is what most fish looked like

Next time I will get out will be Sunday so you should hear from me soon..

HuronRiverDan 07-22-2010 08:13 AM

Re: Dupage River 7/20/10
Sounds like a great day on the river...What's the "Golden Shower" pattern look like?


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