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    Hey all,

    Just though I'd take a minute and introduce myself. I'm a recent transplant to Chicago, having just relocated from Philadelphia. I grew up north of NYC in NY and fished the Catskills constantly. I could be on any of the big 5 Catskill streams within an hour and some were even 35 minutes from my door. Boy do I miss that now.

    I'm learning now that to find trout streams will take some adventuring from Chicago. Looks like Indiana is going to be my best bet. I'm certainly not a dry fly purist and always enjoy meeting and fishing with others on the stream. I look forward to getting to know and fishing with some of you soon.


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    Hey guys,

    I just realized that I've already signed up here under tim_y.... couldn't remember for the life of me what i used. Ignore this post, and I'll sign off on this one. Thanks for those of you to chimed in on my original post. Look forward to wetting a line soon.

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    Obviously you're in a different geo-location, but don't forget almost all of the rivers that flow into the GL's also have good runs of Salmon and Steelhead.
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    Would be some driving but don't forget the driftless region in Wisconsin. Much more scenic than driving to Indiana (grew up in Chicago and lived in Michigan so drove that stretch of 94 many times).

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    Welcome to the windy city! Which, btw, is not called that because the meteorological winds.

    Indiana can be a good place for steelies, kings and ho's if you can get out on the weekdays. During the weekend, the creeks are packed solid with people and it's just not fun.

    Lot's of warmwater species to chase here though!
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