I have a 10wt Diamondback Flawless. It has 10wt Little Tunny intermediate line on it & I recently learned the rod is underlined (& I thought it was just me!). I love this rod. When a different intermediate line was put on it, the rod loaded so much better with little line on the water! I will also purchase a 10wt St. Croix Legend Elite -probably freshwater vers.
My questions: 1) Any suggestions for intermediate line that will compliment both of these rods?
2) A friend and guide had 9wt Airflo 40+ 300 grain on his 10wt Croix (freshwater)and it casted v. well. I didn't get the chance to put this line on my Diamondback. Does anyone know how well this line will compliment the 10wt Diamondback? I also plan on purchasing sinking line. Any other recommendations would be welcome.
BTW, I fish muggy midwestern summer temps and also when the guides start to freeze up. Coiling line makes me batty.
Thanks, Twitch