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    Default Wisconsin Lake Mich. Tributary Report

    Anybody care to opine about the fall run on the Wisconsin Side of Lake Michigan so far this year?
    Root, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Kewaunee and Oconto rivers.

    I'll give my synopsis. I fish one of these tribs alot (3-4 days ea. week). I started fishing beginning of Sept. for Kings. I didn't see a fish till mid-Sept.
    I didn't catch a fish (1 Brown and 1 Steelhead) till mid-October. Since then I have caught approx 8 fish. The King Salmon run was approx 10-20% of what it was last year, Steelhead are far and few between. I think I caught the same one in the same pool 4 times on different days. Can't be sure. The Coho's have been far and few in between also. One evening I saw maybe 30-50 Coho's stacking up below a dam. The next day a buddy fished that spot and caught about a dozen. He said they were pourposing all over and jumping. The next day I went to the same spot and not a fish there. It's like they disappeared.
    I have seen maybe 6-8 Brown Trout all fall so far. Only 1 Pair on bed spawning.
    I have talked to lots of other anglers and its rare to find someone who has caught more than the occasional fish. I have talked to some of the local "experts" and they report very few fish caught.
    It's been a tough fall and with the cold temps I don't think thinks will get any better. There is plenty of water in the rivers. Actually there is more than last year.
    Now I have to admit I have been doing the Trib. fishing for only 2 years but the difference from last fall to this fall is staggering.

    Anybody else got any reports/observations?

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    Default Re: Wisconsin Lake Mich. Tributary Report

    Klunker, hope it picks up on your end of the Lakes. Good luck!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: Wisconsin Lake Mich. Tributary Report

    I think the season started out very much in the same fashion as last year... Dry... It causes a delayed spawning run for the kings and as a result a lot of the fish coming up were already half zombie!

    Last year I didn't start to hook into the trout until just about this time. Looking back i think i got my first fall brown around november 10th last year. Im not sure as i would go as far to say that this year is worse or better then last year because they both have sucked. The one thing that really saved last year was the winter fishing, the browns and steelies were on fire.

    I haven't fished as much this year but i either missed the cohos all together or they never really showed up in good numbers. Normally i make it up to sheboygan at least once and that hasn't happened either.

    Either way, I have very little to show for this fall as well...
    "When the river is high, the fish eat the ants; when the river is low, the ants eat the fish."

    Illinois Wisconsin Fishing

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    Default Re: Wisconsin Lake Mich. Tributary Report

    il wi fishing, Last year fishing died for me around this time, my best day, during the 1st week of Nov. I had caught 11 fish and was home for lunch. I haven't caught 11 fish in the Lake Michigan Tribs. this fall.
    My prospective of last all is total different then yours.

    I however gave up around thanksgiving as I went for about 2 weeks of fishing without a bite. This year I will work the river longer this year even if I don't get a bite.

    I always look at its practice for me to improve my technique if nothing else.

    Do you fish the public or the Kohler Property in Sheboygan?

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    Default Re: Wisconsin Lake Mich. Tributary Report

    You would know more about this year then me, I don't fish nearly as much as you and this year has been tough just finding the time. I missed out on a few good trips due to conflicting schedules with my children's functions. Life goes on and live to fish another day.

    In response to sheboygan I fish only the public water. No need to feel like your missing out, its all great water. If I lived closer it would be hard to fish much else.

    If the ice holds out for a while and the flows stay slush free don't give up too early this year. I've only been fishing the tribs for just a year longer then you but late fall can be great. I got on a few days of steamer bites that I wouldn't trade for anything.
    "When the river is high, the fish eat the ants; when the river is low, the ants eat the fish."

    Illinois Wisconsin Fishing

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