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    Default Lake Michigan - Traverse City area

    I'm hoping there are a number of anglers here who can provide a little insight for me. I'm planning a trip up there with a few friends in early-mid June to do some carp fishing, probably in Wilderness State Park assuming that is a good idea. Judging from what I've seen on Google Earth, there appears to be a plethora of flats to be waded for carp and smallies.

    My questions for the people who have been to the area are:

    1) Is Wilderness State Park worth consideration, or should we head further south into the Traverse City area for better wade fishing? This is a complete do-it-yourself type of trip for us, and right now we aren't planning on hiring a guide.
    2) Any specific flies you would recommend? Color patterns that seem to work well in the clear water?

    3) Other than camping in the state park, are there any other beach-front campsites that you would recommend that would put us near good fishing?

    4) Any other recommendations for this trip?

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    Default Re: Lake Michigan - Traverse City area

    There are too many fishing oportunities to list in that portion of the state. I haven't been into Wilderness State Park in a number of years, but fished a small lake (canoe) just west of I75 for panfish - spectacular day.
    There are many campgrounds of all types. I prefer the State Forest Campgrounds. Usually on water, hand pump, pit toilets, and small & quiet. MI DNR website has a list of them. Michigan now requires a vehicle permit for access to state lands & parks. Think they're available via the web (I get mine with vehicle registration).
    TC is the "big city" up that way. Can be very busy with tourist traffic starting Memorial Day.
    Legs Inn in Cross Village for a great dinner.

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