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    Default Drift-less South WI

    So i am heading to the driftless area and wondering whats working up there. I am looking for any intel on flies or hatches??? Len?? May the gods of brown help me??

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    Default Re: Drift-less South WI

    The Driftless Angler in Viroqua has daily updates on hatches and what's working.

    Also, don't be alarmed. They're only listing fishing as "poor" currently because the WI trout season is closed the week before the official opener this Saturday.

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    Default Re: Drift-less South WI

    Haven't fished there yet myself, it's my understanding you should have pink squirrel fly in your box. If you don't tie, you should be able to buy them at local fly shops.

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    Default Re: Drift-less South WI

    Like the other poster Mat at the Driftless Anglers. I have yet to come across a fly shop owner like Mat who is so willing and accommodating to visiting anglers. They will even share their secret spots if you ask nicely.
    Its a one stop shop for all things DRIFTLESS.

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    Default Re: Drift-less South WI

    Better yet, make it a point to go in and see Mat and pick up some of his bugs. They've proven their worth to me time and time again. No matter how much I've prepared, I always find my way to the shop for some bugs.
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    Default Re: Drift-less South WI

    When are you going to be coming up, smallie? That will largely determine what I can tell you about the hatches. If it's soon you should think black caddis. They've started to show up over the last week or so, along with dark hendricksons and BWO's.

    Scuds, PT's, Hares ears, Caddis Pupae and Copper Johns are all flies that will work right now. This is an easy time of year to catch trout, because there are so many flies that will work well. Pack plenty of black caddis, adams, and BWO dry fly patterns. Streamer patterns of all kinds will work too, if that's your thing.
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