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    Default Dupage River is on FIRE!!!

    So I have been fairly quiet on the forum lately because I have been trying to use every available minute to be out on the Dupage. After the terrible flooding passed and the river started to get back to its pre-pregnancy figure the fishing has improved ten fold. In the past couple of days I have had my best days ever fishing the river. 50+ fish two days in a row with hopes to make it three days tomorrow. Not all of them were trophies but fun none the less. Here a few pictures I remembered to take. So many rock bass they almost became a nuisance... almost. So here they are and good luck out there.

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    Default Re: Dupage River is on FIRE!!!

    I used to fish with a friend of mine that we had a friendly contest going for most fish. Perch didn't count and Rock Bass counted as one against you. You could end up losing credit for fish you caught on other days.

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    Default Re: Dupage River is on FIRE!!!

    Pat: Looks like you're having a blast with the fly rod, congrats!

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    Default Re: Dupage River is on FIRE!!!

    Thanks I had a blast. If the Rock bass counted against me I would have been buyin the beer for sure. I would say close to 70% of them were Rockies. Still better than being sidelined due to flooding.

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    Default Re: Dupage River is on FIRE!!!

    Nice to hear, that's my most often fished river, two weeks ago I could have taken a few casts off my front steps. I always wanted river front property!

    Most the time I have to walk a few blocks.

    Not on April 26th. Looking forward to getting out there again with the fly rod. I'm just scared all my fish up north are now yours. In this pic I was un-intentionally wading in my driveway. Kind of weird seeing lawn furniture Floating past though the yard.
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    Default Re: Dupage River is on FIRE!!!

    Looks like you have fun through that last storm . I live several blocks from the river and was worried about the rising water too. I had three of the four exits of my subdivision closed off. The worst was a few blocks away from me on River Rd, that name had never been so literal before I imagine. A few of my friends who live along the river were evacuated by boat and are just this week enjoying their clean water-free yards again.

    I hope all of your fish came south by me but I am sure they didn't. Right now the Smallies have bedded down and are getting ready for the spawn. I have never seen so many beds along the river banks. I don't know if that has anything to do with the flooding but I can't wait until they pull off their beds and can be targeted again.

    I plan on wading "intentionally" through the river this afternoon I'll let you know if I see any Northerner Smallies down here. And I hope all is well with your property.

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    Default Re: Dupage River is on FIRE!!!

    The area that got hit the worst up here is also called river drive, and runs just west of the river. My brother has a house on it, and it filled up to the basement ceiling.

    Once we realized his house became a lost cause, we shifted our intentions towards mine (about 3 blocks in the other direction), and swiftly started carying everything up out of my basement into the upper levels, do to having a unfinished basement luckily I did not end up loosing anything.

    I have a brother in law that lives in Plainfield, about 3 blocks east of the dupage river, and I know you guys also got hit very hard.

    Around 4pm my brother in law got a knock on his door, the story I was told is that someone told him a dam was being opened, and expect the water to go up about 5 feet from where it was. His subdivisions streets had no exit, so he got permission from a few neighbors to drive his classic car out though a couple back yards. That evening I drove out to his place, and helped him get every thing out of his basement.

    That flood was one for the ages. Glad to hear you also came out of it okay. Its a nice fun little fly fishing river when it behaves, good luck out there!

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    Default Re: Dupage River is on FIRE!!!

    On Thursday may 16th, I went for a walk to scope territory. I did not carry a rod with me.

    In a few block stretch I spotted 9 carp heads down foraging around the bottom. (I love catching carp on the fly rod, and these are my most successful conditions) Was hopping to get out there tonight, but other obligations prevented that.

    The next chance I have at clear water, I'll be sight fishing this rivers shallows.... Should have had my rod out with me last night!

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