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    I just moved to Cincinnati around a year ago and have fished the Little Miami River multiple times using streamers and clousers. I have only been fly fishing for a year now and am self-taught. I love getting out there but lately I have not had much luck. I have probably only caught around 10 fish total and I know there are much larger hybrids in there that will make for a lot more fun. I search around, hike and am do my research but I have really had a hard time recently catching anything.

    Would anyone be able to offer any tips on what am I doing wrong? I am trying to fish the riffles where bait fish might be and where the hybrids are hanging out. Is there a better time of day or a technique I should try? I appreciate any help you guys feel like offering. I am not looking for the secret spot or anything, I know it is better to eventually find it on your own anyways, just a little push in the right direction on flies and techniques.


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    Stick with your streamers like the clouser minnow. The little Miami river close to the Ohio river generally produces better results versus further up the little Miami.

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    Higginsb4, welcome to the site! I can't help you with the location, never fished there, but I have fished extensively for Stripers. Hybrids, from what I've read do a lot of the things that pure bred Stripers do & feed in similar manner. They tend to move around a lot too. Although not set in stone, as nothing in fishing is, if you wish to target the larger fish, then do so with larger offerings. The guys I know who regularly catch larger fish on flies, usually are fishing big streamers, 5" or more in length, and a few throw 8" or larger frequently. I do too, but don't often get the opportunity to chase the really big fish. Most of the time I choose flies in the 4" to 8" range when targeting them. The larger Stripers I've caught on a fly has been around 30", but I know the bigger ones can be caught.

    I've caught Stripers in the Susquahanna River here in MD many times while fishing for LM or SM bass, and vice versa. The main difference is that the Stripers don't often stay in one place. This time of year, as the waters cool, they'll move more, but they'll tolerate cooler waters than bass. I've read that the folks who target hybrids in our reservoirs often are having to go deep for them. That's not been my experience with Stripers in rivers, as they may be anywhere, but they're not usually going to be shallow for very long unless there's a reason to keep them there. If there's deeper water, like a channel edge, that may be a good place to look for them, particularly as an avenue for movement up or down the river.

    They're also generally a schooling fish until they get large, then they may be more solitary, but still when you find one, there may be others nearby.

    I have to agree with arreflections about sticking with the streamers & Clousers should be a good choice!
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