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Thread: Wolff Apex Vise

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    Greetings Brothers and Sisters who fly fish

    This winter with so many days there was not so much one could do outside I pursued a passion that I had not pursued for sometime. That is fly tying. During the weeks and months I decided I wanted a better vise than the inexpensive though functional vises I had that were made in India. I started looking around and settled on the Wolff (Anvil) Apex Vise. I had the opportunity to visit their factory in Columbus, Indiana and see vises being made. They do not have a show room there but I had arranged in advance for them to have an Apex Vise ready for me when I stopped by. I am excited about the Apex vise. Compared to my old Thompson and the Indian vises it looks like a vise on steroids. It is extremely well made with a lot of attention to detail and workmanship. If any of you are interested will post a few pics of the factory.

    Have a great day!


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    Dan: Post up the photos of your factory tour, we would love to see them.

    Realize that you can't upload a photo directly from your computer to a post on the forum due to virus issues. Get an account on a third party photo hosting site. I use Photobucket, once you upload your photos there, if you then view the photo library and put your cursor on one of the photos, a small gear cog icon appears in the upper right corner of the photo. Place your cursor on that icon and a drop down menu appears, click on "Get Links", then on the next window, click on the last item "IMG Codes", that will save the information in the box on your clipboard. Then go over to a post, click on the area you want the photo to appear and then do a paste (CNTL_V). Then I like to press the Preview Post button at the bottom of your post to make sure the photo appears like you want it to, if so then press the Submit Reply button.

    Some of the members are using their smart phones to upload photos using an app called Tapatalk, I haven't tried that method but they say it is pretty easy.


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    Hi Dan,

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new vise. I'll be interested in seeing your flies as you begin using it. Where are you located and what do you fish for most often?


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    I will see what I can do to post some pics of the factory. As far as location, I live in North Western IL. I do most of my fly fishing for large and small mouth bass and a few bluegill. I occasionally get the chance to travel to either southwestern WI or northeastern IA which are both ony about 2 1/2 to 3 hours away. There are some excellent trout waters in both of those areas.

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    Hope this works for thode of you who might be interested in the Wolff Apex and Atlas vise factory in Columbus IN. I have loaded the pics into Photo Bucket.
    Here is the link Apex Vise And Wolff Apex Factory Photos by kogaatsila | Photobucket

    I have included a few pics of my vise as well.


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    That a nice vise. Looking forward to pics of your flies tied on that.

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