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Thread: Northwest Michigan help needed - Petoskey Area

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    Default Re: Northwest Michigan help needed - Petoskey Area

    Quote Originally Posted by pjcalla View Post
    Absolutely. I guess I put up a quick response without thinking. I always check the USGS on my home river before heading out, but I guess my post was aimed more about what was "fishable" for the MI rivers. My apologies.
    No apologies required, I knew what you meant. My response was equally hurried. At least to me, the graphs aren't particularly useful until you are able to get a fell as to what it feels like to fish at the various levels.

    Maybe someone who has been fishing your rivers can give some first hand advice.

    Have a great trip.

    The more you know, the less you need.

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    Default Re: Northwest Michigan help needed - Petoskey Area

    I thought I'd update this thread, so others looking for info can find it later. I often get frustrated when searching for info on a particular topic, find the thread asking the exact question I'm searching for, then there is no follow up as to the outcome of the advice given in the thread.

    First off, I was surprised that the annual fishing license (non-resident) went up from $42 last year to $75. I know the state is in bad financial shape, so they must be tapping all the revenue sources available. I found a sportsman's atlas at Walmart for $25 or so. It is very detailed, showing all the unimproved roads, public and private land, trout and blue ribbon trout streams, canoe routes, parking spots, etc. I looked it over and picked a few spots to try while I was up there.

    On Friday (5/16) I went to the Jordan River just north of Alba in the Preserve area. I drove the dirt roads into the park and stopped a few times along the river. I waded one stretch that looked good, but did not see one fish. I left after driving through the whole park, not seeing one fish. I guess I was in the wrong spots, but at least I got away from civilization for a few hours.

    I then drove to the Bear River, halfway between Petoskey and Walloon Lake to try a spot I picked out on the atlas. The water was high and fast, but I decided to get out anyway. I didn't make it very far down river, as it was difficult to find a spot that I could get in to wade. I would take a few steps in, and was up to my waist almost immediately. I could barely clear the brush behind me to get a clear path for a roll cast. I left after a hour or so, as I had to get back to meet the group for dinner.

    On Saturday (5/17) I made a drive to the Maple River east of Brutus. Once again, the water was high, but I decided to press on. I swung some streamers through holes, but didn't get any takers. I thought I should just sit and watch to see what would happen. After a couple minutes of standing on the bank, a Hendrickson hatch happened. I stayed still, watching the water for risers. Thanks to Hairwing, I had the perfect fly and tied it on. Still waiting for rising trout, I kept thinking to myself, "this is going to be perfect." Well, after waiting for 45 minutes or so, I did not see one rising fish. I walked the bank/waded down stream and explored for my next trip(s).

    At dinner Saturday night, I met an older gentleman that is familiar with the area and fishes regularly. He told me it is still too early, as they are about a month behind, weather-wise. He also was generous enough to give me some locations that produce as well as some great stories from years past.

    I wouldn't consider this trip a total loss. Even though I didn't pull tight, I was able to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle, enjoy a few hours of seclusion and, most importantly, take away information for my next trip.

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    Default Re: Northwest Michigan help needed - Petoskey Area

    Thanks for the follow up report...Sorry the fishing was off


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
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    Default Re: Northwest Michigan help needed - Petoskey Area

    I am once again heading up north for the holiday weekend. I am debating taking my wading gear. I am taking my tin boat to fish the lake for smallies, pike, etc. I guess I'm asking if the fishing has been good on the streams, and I should bring my wading gear. I'll probably throw it in the truck regardless, but how's the fishing been up there? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Northwest Michigan help needed - Petoskey Area

    Not had a chance even to fish off my dock all year...Sorry, can't help past in Southern Michigan they're fishing and catching.


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
    ---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.

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