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Thread: upper Manistee

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    Going up 6/1 -6/7...Will spend most of the time fishing between 72 and 3 mile access... I have never fished up near Deward , but gonna try it this year... Anybody have a bug report? Water temp? I'm guessing Sulphers will be going good, wondering if it will be to soon for Iso or Drakes though?I plan on bringing a 4wt for dries, and a 6wt for streamer and nymphs.. I have my atlas and other info books,,,but cant find Burnt Cabin, or Hole in fence , hole in wall access points.. I will be wading, no boat.. Will post report and pics ... Any advice on gear , flies, or basic info on this vast area, would be great appreciated... Might explore some tribs as well...


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    Hey 03bulldogs,

    I checked with my "Manistee sources" and here's the latest info on the next 10 or so days...

    Weather: It's supposed to be in the mid to upper 70's for the duration. Occasional rain, but decent temps...

    Hatches: If you're really lucky, you'll get in on the last of the "Hennies," with the prospects for the Sulphurs coming off improving by the day. Isos will be a ****-shoot, but possible. And, the same with Drakes. Make sure that you're carrying some black caddis in your fly boxes.

    If you want a rough starting point for fishing the river downstream for, say, about 28 to 30 miles, kick things off around Mancelona Rd. and work it downstream. Most of the Upper features good brook trout water-- albeit small waters --but it gradually widens out and becomes a bit more "brown trout" territory than brooks. You might even luck into a rainbow or two...

    The bottom mix is as diverse as the river itself-- from sand to silt to gravel runs. Wade carefully, as some stretches boast their share of "float your hat" holes.

    As you work downstream, there's plenty of access around Deward, CR-612. and the CCC Bridge.

    Best rod weights for the Upper? 4 to 6-wt. rods will keep you out of trouble. As you come down toward M-72, you just may find yourself locking it up with some very nice browns that will test your rod selection.

    Hope the above helps, my friend. Wade safe, and fish 'em hard!!!

    Jerry, aka hairwing530
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    Thanks Jerry, your flies will be put to good use..

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    Stop at Gates Lodge Fly shop and pickup the Challenge Chapter guides to the Manistee and the Ausable Holy waters. It will list all the access points you are looking for. They are well worth the money, I think around $25.00 apiece.

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