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    I recently took casting lesson at Orvis because I have always been interested in learning to fly fish. I really liked it. Here's my question what would be good outfit/kit for some one who is just starting with out spending 700 bucks on a rod. I would be fishing the Dupage river, ponds and creeks in west and south burbs of chicago. So small mouth, blue gill etc.

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    I'm not familiar with your local waters, but I would assume they are similar to mine here in Indianapolis. I would say a 5 or 6 weight outfit would fit your needs. I have fished a 5 for smallies, 'gills, etc. A 6 would also work, allowing you to throw larger, albeit slightly, flies.

    You can definitely get a good setup for less than $700. Look to the site supporters. Allen comes to mind. I don't have any of their rods, but I do have an Alpha III reel, and it is solid. I also have some guide cases from them, and am happy.

    Cabela's still has the Redington CT for $99. I have not casted the 6, but the 5 CT is a sweet casting stick. You could pick up a reel (line holder) cheap, since you will probably never use the drag, and a good line and you could be on the water for less than $200.

    Good luck, and welcome to the addiction...errr sport.

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    Hey there

    Welcome to the site and welcome to fly fishing

    I fish the dupage quite a bit myself along with the Fox and Des Plaines. All are good smallie rivers.

    For the most part, I fish a fast 6wt or medium 7. If I am throwing bigger top water deer hair poppers or really heavy clousers, I like the 7. For normal size clousers or deer hair poppers, the 6 works perfect.

    I would say start out with a good 6wt.

    Also, and don't ask me why, but the dupage smallies seem to love PURPLE over white clousers. Purple is by far my best producing clouser followed by chartruese on that river.

    You just need a floating line out there.
    Less likey, more green dots

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    Why not look at the very place you took your lesson at....Orvis makes a vast number of fine rods to suit any price range you might decide upon. Most of all they are "right there" and can help you along the way with all aspects of your new interest.


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