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    Default November Fishing in SE MN

    Since Larry was kind enough to add MN to this forum, I thought I would post a report.

    As some of you are aware, MN changed its trout fishing regs for SE MN this year. The closing date for C&R fishing was moved from Sept 31 to Oct 15, all streams were opened for the Jan 1 to March 31 winter fishing season, and streams within the 3 SE MN state parks were opened to C&R angling from Oct 15 to Dec 31. So for the first time ever, I have been trout fishing in SE MN during November.

    I was out a couple of times earlier this month and fishing has been very good. There's been a fairly heavy BWO hatch around 1 pm most days. The BWO hatch has been more consistent and heavier than it was earlier in the fall. It seems to be especially strong on the somewhat warmer and overcast days. The bugs are about a #20 (or short #18), light tannish / olive body and light dun wings. The fish seem a little fussy, but with a good presentation, long 6x tippet and appropriate sized sparse dry fly, I've had several good afternoons fishing this hatch.

    Nymph fishing in the morning, proceeding the hatch, has also been good. I've had most of my success with a #18 BWO emerger trailed behind an orange scud.

    We had a cold snap with high temps around 30 degrees and some snow during the last week. I haven't had opportunity to get out since then, so not sure if the BWO hatch is continuing with the colder temps or not.

    SE MN is mainly a wild brown and brook trout fishery, so there are lots of redds in the streams. I've been careful to avoid wading through or otherwise disturbing the redds and fish on them.

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    Default Re: November Fishing in SE MN

    Thanks for the report John. The first Brown I ever caught was on Canfield down at Forestville and the first fish of any kind that I caught on a fly was on Whitewater (a really nice Rainbow, must of been the mother of all brood hens from the hatchery). Once the air temps are below 40 F. I have little interest in venturing into/onto the water. You may have just talked me into trying it.

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    Default Re: November Fishing in SE MN

    I am going to try it this year if the weather warms up now and then.

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