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Thread: Michigan Musky

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    Default Michigan Musky

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    Default Re: Michigan Musky

    Interesting article, I didn't realize that anyone stocked Musky, but from the article they have been doing it since the 50's.

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    That is one of the things that I have tried to impress upon folks is how Michigan's DNR is very active in restoring Michigan's fish and wildlife...and wherein it is simply not practical, enhancing it to increase fishing opportunities while trying to maintain balance, yet with the goal to make it sustainable.

    The problem with Muskies is that their fry hatch just that much later than Northern Pike....So, the Pike fry feed on the Muskies, plus you have predation by bass and probably worst of all being panfish believe it or not both when young and before hatching. So, that means that to get Musky to a point where they are sustainable you need a large young adult population to generate enough numbers that out of the thousands a handful survive.

    However in the end, nature itself may say they're not sustainable (Musky vs. Pike a good example).

    Michigan actually stocks all sorts of fish...However, unlike many other fisheries they do so with the intent of that eventually they can sustain their own numbers, not simply keep restocking to fill a fishing demand (though some species demand it sadly).

    Here is a link to the M-DNR stocking database.: DNR


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
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    Back in the 70's my good friend was the naturalist for the park that contained the small lake where the DNR kept their musky brood stock. You never would have guess by looking at it.

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