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fishenrg 04-30-2008 07:29 AM

Re: Lake Erie Walleye from shore
I would probably recommend a 7 weight as well, at least depending on conditions. I caught my first walleye on a fly this past Sunday up here. I always have good luck on this lake with crayfish crankbaits so I was using a weighted crayfish pattern. I've never found walleyes to fight all that much, its more like dragging in a clump of weeds, so that's not the reason for a bigger rod. Its all they other stuff you might catch while targeting walleyes. On this lake there are plenty of pike, bass, and even a few muskie from what I've heard. There's also vegetation to consider. I think a 5 weight would definitely work, but a 7 might be a bit better.

burk48237 05-13-2008 05:07 PM

Re: Lake Erie Walleye from shore
A couple of things to remember when selecting a rod. It's not as much the fish your chasing as the presentation. When your chasing Walleyes from shore your going to need a lot of casting distance (to cover water) the ability to present large flies ( to achieve the maximum amount of impact in your presentation) and the ability to cast in the wind (calm days are few and far between in the Great Lakes. You can land any Walleye that swims in the GL's with a five weight, but you can't do those things with a five weight. I would recommend at least a SW action seven weight (thats what I use for smallmouth in Traverse and Saginaw Bays). I use to catch a lot of Walleye in the fall fishing off the pier-heads at night with floating fly lines and big white Dahlberg Divers. I've never tried it in the spring. I would have to think the river mouths would hold some fish too. You might give Bruce at Grand River Tackle in Fairport Harbor a call. He chases a lot of exotic stuff with a fly rod. 440-352 7222, He's usually not around until about 5 p.m..

Guest1 07-06-2008 01:04 AM

Re: Lake Erie Walleye from shore
Hi guys,
I found this site looking for walleye flies myself. I have been catching a few real nice walleye on the Rainy River (far North Minnesota )all with clouser minnows. The best color pattern I have is top to bottom, blue, pink, white, with a hot pink dumb bell. I have tied a fire tiger pattern that works also. I got a 29 1/4" walleye on the trout pattern clouser. I'll attach a photo of it as soon as I figure out how to do it. I uploaded it to the site but I can't seem to get past that point.

Guest1 07-09-2008 01:51 AM

Re: Lake Erie Walleye from shore
I got the picture in the gallery under 29 1/4" walleye. I think the reason the Walleye have been so close to shore and in such shallow water here is the river is so high and the current is so bad. I think they are up where the current is slower taking a break. I have tried a few different flies and the clouser is still best.

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