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Thread: Wisconsin Trout

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    I am planning on heading up to Wisconsin in the next month for a few days. I am looking to get pointed in the right direction for the Diftless Area in south Wisconsin. Can anyone PM so direction to some nice streams with easy access I will be bringing my little cousin hes 6 and is into fly fishing. Almost better then me. But not looking for anyones honey holes but some nice size trout to get him started.


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    PM sent

    "When the river is high, the fish eat the ants; when the river is low, the ants eat the fish."

    Illinois Wisconsin Fishing

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    If you can get your hands on last month's copy of American Angler, there is a very nice article by Len Harris describing the fishing opportunities in the Driftless Area, also send Spinner a PM and ask him for some tips for fishing up there (in case he doesn't see your thread).


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    The fishing there right now is fantastic.........go get em.

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