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Thread: Manistee River update!

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    Does anybody know what kind of condition the Manistee River (especially between Tippy Dam and Hodenpyl Dam) since the major storm a couple of weeks ago? And has anybody been successful fishing? Any help would be appreciated!

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    Sparkie, what are you fishing for? I don't think trout is open above Tippy right now. I know Pike is definitely closed as well as bass.


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    Water is coming down...

    above Tippy, 72 to CCC is open year round.

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    How large is the water above Tippy. I am wade when I fish - no boat - so I am wondering if there is anywhere that is wadeable on the Manistee above Tippy that I could fish year round?
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    M72 to CCC bridge, open year round, wadable and a good amount of access.

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