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smallieman 10-06-2010 07:18 PM

Not one Salmon but 6!!
Today I went on an little exploring trip today. I went to 3 different spots
in search of new water and Salmon. I have never fished for Salmon before and I picked some brains and went out in search of some fish. Now everyone I talked to said the waters low so either no fish or not many. Well this was ok. I was looking for low water so I can see holes and when i return I can know what I am working with.. Well Spot one nothing was happening the water was way low and I had 2 fish on but lost them.

At spot one walking the shore I seen alot of dead fish

Spot 2 Was dried up.. very low and no fish.

Then Spot 3.. I came across this place from a detour on the road. I pulled over and got out. There was only one guy getting ready to fish and another down stream. I got in the water and stood there.. and I counted lots of fish around me. These were big in my eyes being first time being in a river with a run starting. So I was using my 10wt fly rod and the rest is history. 2 things I learned.. out of 12 fish i had on only landed 6... I need a net and when the fish is not ready he will let you know. I was fighting a fish and my fly got loose and hooked me in the forehead. I was bleeding but I will take it like a man. and Also I need a camera man. Some photos are doubles of fish but its hard taking photos of these guys if not on shore.

In this video you can see other fish moving around..
I lost this baby at my freaking feet. I had a pink tag near its fin but never landed her.. I was hard trying to take a video of her.
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I was excited so sorry for the sluring of the words..

Ard 10-06-2010 07:32 PM

Re: Not one Salmon but 6!!
Heck of a day Smallie! Hard to tell by pictures but the 4th picture down looks like a lake run brown trout. Take a look, nice fish,


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