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Thread: can anyone some spots???

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    Default can anyone some spots???

    hi im new to fly fishing and live in wausau wisconsin and i was wondering if anyone could give me some info on some spots in and around marathon county banything would be appreciated thanks.

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    Default Re: can anyone some spots???

    Asking advice about where to fish can be a bit tricky.

    There are basically 2 types of info--- the widely known “famous” fisheries that have received a lot of press, and are large enough to support substantial numbers of anglers, and the less well known smaller fisheries that could be harmed by too much pressure.

    There are some excellent well known trout fisheries in WI that may be worth a drive:
    Wisconsin Fly Fishing :: Wisconsin Trout Fishing, Wisconsin Trout Streams Locations and Wisconsin Fly Shops

    But for smaller waters closer to home, especially for small streams with self sustaining wild populations of trout--- they may get over run by anonymous hordes that descend on them from posted reports or recommendations on fishing forums. This is has become enough of a problem that it’s earned its own special term called “spot burning”. We may have some members willing to help you out, but they should probably do it via PM rather than posting on an open forum if it's a small stream.

    For that kind of info, you can also get some good info from your local fly shop, and doing some scouting around using a DeLorme Atlas (old school for geezers like me) or Google Earth (what all the cool kids are doing these days), and by accessing info from your state's DNR

    Here’s Wisc DNR’s “Places to Fish in Wisconsin” page with additional links you can follow:
    Places to Fish in Wisconsin - FAQ - WDNR

    If you’re interested in trout, see the link for “Wisconsin Trout Stream” maps under Trout Fishing for pdf s for Marathon county. (See also “trout stream classes” to know whether these streams are class 1 (wild with self sustaining populations), class 2 (some wild and some stocked fish) or class 3 (“put and take” type waters that rely on stocking and generally cannot support year round trout population because of high summer time temps)

    Also make sure you review the regulations to know which waters are open (most inland trout streams closed Sept 30, but there may be some specific water open, as well as some great lakes tribs open for steelhead).

    Steelheading can be pretty challenging and the weather can be brutal at times, but that might be worth considering--- especially if you hook up with a TU chapter and and you meet some folks that are willing to take you under their wing to show you the ropes. Although many inland trout streams may be closed, Steelhead will probably be going strong all winter on tribs so you'll have plenty of options for stuff to do when the Packers aren't playing.

    Good luck!

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