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    If the pushback is not successful, I would expect that enforcement would be strong, for a while. If you have never experienced one of these Saturday spectacles, it is hundreds of canoes, rafts and tubes coming down the river. The river is quite large in many places. I would think that it would require several officers on jet skis or something similar to be effective. I once came upon a couple of teams of officers, each team had 1 State of Michigan officer and 1 USFS officer. They were observing the activity on the river. We were hiking back to our camp from fishing; waders, vests ,rods. They never even asked to see our licenses. They asked if we had been harassed, I told them that while the tubers were drunk and stupid, we had never had a problem

    I doubt that drift boat occupants would be usual targets, but the penalties are severe and I hold a teaching certificate so I won't risk it.

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    I live here on the North Branch AuSable and participate in the annual river cleanup. The majority of trash we pick up is beer cans and beer bottles and the majority of boorish behavior we see on the river, I believe, is fueled by alcohol. If it reduces all that, then I, for one, am in favor of the regulation. Now that Michigan has legalized recreational marijuana I guess I’ll see a more mellowed out bunch.

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    I have been up by Tippy Dam a couple times attempting to fish for steelhead, but most times it is a zoo of people. A lot of people drinking and "forgetting" to take their empties with them. I do drink, not often on the river, but more when ice fishing, and the complete carelessness of leaving liter around after spending a day on the ice about sends me into a rage. How hard is it to clean up after yourself. I think this will be good for the river around Tippy, I have never been to the Au Sable but am planning a trip this summer, but it is a terrible thing to see all of the liter on shore. I have heard the fines are up to 5000 dollars or 5 years in prison if you are caught with alcohol in these stretches of river. I hope that this will clean it up some, even though people will still sneak it or come to the river already belligerent. Time will tell what will happen.

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    Well, the ban has been lifted. Over 43,000 people signed an on line petition against it. Apparently, there will be a community committee formed to develop an action plan to deal with the issues. The plan is due by May. The threat of the ban remains for 2020 if the plan fails to work. That's probably what should have happened originally. Boy, this sure got a lot of attention!
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