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Thread: Clearfork river

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    Default Clearfork river

    Hey everyone,
    I mainly fly fish the local rivers around Cleveland for steelhead. I would like to get into fly fishing more than I am now and have heard about the clearfork. Has anyone fished it this year with any luck and is it possible to fish throughout the winter? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    Never did but I'll welcome you to the forum We have a lot of members who fish the Great Lakes tributaries so be sure to look for feedback.


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    I would suggest you first take a look at the Clearfork TU and Mohican Fly Anglers websites: they both contain
    a wealth of information on the river.

    Too, if you are not already in a TU chapter, consider joining the Clearfork TU, as they are doing excellent work with this
    valuable resource.

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    Hi Adam

    Welcome. I hope this post isn't too basic, you may have already done this. I live in Michigan and haven't fished the river you mention, but have had opportunities (work and personal travel) to fish in a lot of different areas (including the Cleveland area for steelhead, BTW).

    To get info on a new area I start with google and look for "fishing reports", "fly fishing club", "web board" and/or "trout unlimited" along with the river name or local cities. Google maps (and the satellite view) is also pretty helpful at times.

    I found this site (hope the link is OK, it's non commercial) which mentions stocking in the Fall and also has a "fishing report" link that shows people catching fish there in January last year.

    Clear Fork River – CFRTU

    Good Luck!!

    (edit...looks like neshannock types faster than I do!! Great minds think alike...)

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    Hello Adam,

    I grew up on the Clear Fork. Well before the state started their stocking program.

    The river is beautiful, especially by Ohio standards. They plant Browns annually on the upper, above Pleasant Hill lake, and Rainbows on the lower below the lake. The reason for this is they have found that the water just doesn't stay cool enough on the lower to really sustain a Brown Trout fishery.

    The upper is A LOT of private property which severely limits access, but the few spots that you can fish do fish pretty well. I don't fish the lower a lot as it is mostly public and a lot more crowded with not only fishermen but also swimmers/rafters/canoes, etc.

    Get in touch with the Clear Fork chapter and they will give you some valuable info.

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