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    Default Dupage River Question My Pics

    I am very good with the river from shorewood south but never hit Hammel woods. I went the other day by the BP gas station and found a nice spot to fish.. but I had no luck.. any one can PM me on some hints about Hammel woods.. here are some spots where I caught some nice smallies... I will share if you do..... I practice catch and release... just looking for a safe wading experience..

    Smallieman, I am very sorry but I had to delete your post. They were too large and were pushing the Portal Page off of the computer screen. Please resize the photos and post below. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


  2. Default Re: Dupage River Question My Pics

    I get nervous wadind the parts by the BP I think its a little to deep but if u go a little further west its nice. however i know a guy who caught a 21 inch small mouth by hammel woods

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