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    Default Re: most fished river

    Since there is virtually no free public water for non-residents (you can fish the public water but must employ a guide), I don't mind telling you that my favorite river to fish is the Miramichi, in New Brunwick. I figured out ways to spend a total of 5 weeks up there this past year. 1200 miles round trip each of 5 trips, but totally worth it to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by araitim View Post
    hey Ard, the friends i hang out with are into body modification and flesh suspension and could care less about fishing
    Say, do you think you can get them to post some photos when they hit oh, say 60 years old or so?

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    LOL Dan, dont you know were NEVER going to get old. Plus, scars are cool, they tell a story of when you were young and dumb.

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    The Pere Marquette.

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