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Thread: Crane Fly Hatch today

  1. Default Crane Fly Hatch today

    The trout were going crazy.

    The larva were struggling to change to insects on the surface.

    They had a little yellow tint to them.

    My buddy John knew exactly what to throw.

    He put on a cinnamon caddis and put a dropped off of it.

    the dropper was 5x.

    He fished it subsurface upstream.

    The fish pounded it.

    He lost 2 very nice trout ...

    He stayed in one place and fished for almost 2 hours.

    15 browns to hand and almost 40 other hits and 13 long line releases.

    WHAT did he use as a crane fly imitation?

    I know....

    What do you think he used?

    He used exactly these.

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    Default Re: Crane Fly Hatch today

    that hatch was happening in my town yesterday! ive never seen so many craneflys! i also saw a lot of those larvaes. i didnt know they were cranefly larvae until i saw your post. thanks for the information.

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    We went back the next day

    We went during the same time frame of the hatch and a little
    downstream where there was deeper water.. The hatch started
    one hour later due to a cloud cover.

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    Default Re: Crane Fly Hatch today

    Nice pics! I assume the location is SW Wis? I have to fish there sometime; soon I hope...


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