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    Default Guiding the best of Patagonia... Estancia Rio Pelke

    If you decide to travel to South Patagonia for catching huge sea runs or monster rainbows, probably you want to ad something like this with a very reasonable price and untouched water. The perfect ad on for a trip of a life time. Brown and brook trouts from 1 pd to 6 pds with light tackle, with an authentic patagonic experience.

    Estancia Ro Pelke” was founded in the 1936 by Francisco “Paco” Ariztizabal. Just a hundred meters from the river, the Ariztizabal family began by building a forest shelterbelt that covers the whole property, creating a quite escape from the patagonic wind. More than 5.000 hectares dedicated to the agropecuary production based on sheep and cattle Estancia Ro Pelke is pleased to open its door to every fisherman ready to enjoy a real patagonic fishing experience.

    Estancia Rio Pelke is located 165km from Ro Gallegos city, and 155km from El Calafate well known from its glaciers national park, in Santa Cruz province. From both airports the trip to the estancia is on good asphalt route and its a trip of 90 minutes. The main house is located in the rio Pelke Valley wich is not visible from the provincial route 5.

    The main house of the estancia keeps its original English style from the beginning of the XIX century, built on Wood and metal plate. It offers two doubles and a shared bathroom. One of the rooms has a king size bed for couples, the other one has two beds. All the furniture of the house was restored from the beginning and its been kept by Fernanda Ariztizabal, who is the third generation of the family and the host, through the years. The living room has a special table for tying flies and is free for the fishermen

    The meals are thought according to the fishing days. This means that the meals are programed with a flexible timing and at the same time abundant breakfast and lunches for walking during the day, the dinner is a bit lighter in calories. Meat and vegetables are produced in the estancia and is the main ingredient of the meals. Lamb barbecue is the specialty of Pedro who is the responsible of the keeping the estancia running due to his large experience in the different places of the Patagonia Austral through his life.

    Fly Fishing and tackle
    The Pelke river is well known for a great brook trout fishing. The size of this trouts is commonly around 500 gr up to 2kg. Several occasions we have caught bigger ones, and this river has also brown trouts that have migrated a few years ago from the Coyle River on the confluence a few miles downstream. The fishing is done with size #2 to #4 tackle, light dry flies, and floating lines. Pelke River can surprise every fisherman with its great population of brookies and also with the structure that allows to the fisherman to do walk fishing for many miles. This is possible due to the consequent pools in a very short distance. It is common to hook more than 25 fish per fisherman per day. Fast and slow water, deep and shallow, stones or grass, this river has every kind of structure and demands a wide variety of fly cast techniques.
    Stop to watch the fishes rise on the surface and persuade them with imitations is the principal attraction of this place. Also the strike indicator with tinny nymphs is an upstanding fun.
    Pelke River is complemented in the afternoon with the tiny Coyle River, which runs up to the sea and is just 15 km from the estancia, inside Ariztizabals property too. This river offers brook trouts of 1 kilogram and the bigger trophy that is the brown trout that can get a weight of three kilograms. Four seasons ago Pedro got the biggest brown that weighed 4 kilograms. The size of the river is very similar to the Pelke, and the flies and tackle are very similar too, the trouts are more selective. We complement the floating lines with clear intermediate poly leaders. Black streamers are the best option in slow water pools, and Chernobyl ants are the top dries.
    Estancia Rio Pelke has a stock of tackle that can be used by every fisherman. There are flies to buy and boxes with the selection that can be order to use here.

    Keeping the tradition of three generations the staff is formed by the Biott Ariztizabal family. Every job in the estancia is shared by Fernanda and Pedro who have kept the estancia for many years the way it was in the origin. They produce a variety of vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and typical marmalades for the breakfast. Pedro and his wife Fernanda are the hosts on your visit, willing to share years of patagonic tradition and culture.

    The guide is Juan Manuel Biott. Hes 29 years old, graduated in tourism and teaching in University while the season is over. More than 6 years working for the Loop Adventures destinations as Jurassic Lake and Las Buitreras fishing lodge as a guide, and actual president of the guides Association of Santa Cruz Province make Juan Manuel the right person to show you every secret of this water. Certified fly casting instructor from the Mel Krieger School as Underhand casting instructor, also photographer.
    Since he was 5 years old he has fished these two rivers. With a good management of the english language he will make sure that that your stay in the estancia will overcome your expectations.

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