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georg_riddle 10-31-2012 11:23 PM

Moving from a spey rod to a switch.
My home river, the Kvichak is a great spey river. I have been casting a spey for quite a few years. I end up fishing alone and have found it difficult to land large fish without dragging them on the bank. I look for wet grass and never onto sand or gravel but it is difficult. I have found handling an 11' rod with a 25+ inch trout standing thigh deep easier to manage that the 13 footer.

Has anyone else found the switch rod more manageable than the longer rods?


Ard 11-01-2012 12:38 AM

Re: Moving from a spey rod to a switch.
Hi George,

I forget which thread but there was a discussion about this recently. I use 13 & 15 foot rods where they are appropriate for the fishing and have ran into what you describe. My best answer was that when I start fishing where I truly expect to have a fish grab the fly, I try to have a plan on how I'm gonna handle the operation before I even cast. Generally there is enough room at shore for me to back away from the water and when the fish is tired or just calm enough (I've been graced with some calm ones) to be led into shallow water I lean the rod and take the leader in hand. At that point without much in the way of wasted time I either get hold of it or net it if I am carrying a net.

If the conditions are such that a long rod isn't the ticket for controlling the line & fly because the river is small enough for a one hand 9' rod I go that route. I really like the long rods and just bought a new 'old stock' Derek Brown Special 7/8 for trout and whatever I happen to hook. I would love to get over to your place to fish and just might. Sooner or later I'll make contact again and see if we both have time to meet at the Donut King. I've been busy getting ready for winter and now with this wind storm pounding us over here I have little interest in going anywhere unless I have to. I'll ring you again soon OK?


georg_riddle 11-01-2012 10:57 AM

Re: Moving from a spey rod to a switch.
Know what you mean about getting out and about with this cold wind.

I love the long rod and the switch is where I am going from now on. Sold my 13 footer, building an 11' Winston to replace it. I have a 10'8" 5wt that is my lake rod around the valley and an 11' 6wt Zaxis that is an awesome rod for flowing waters around here. Took it out on it's maiden voyage and took my first steelhead and the largest was 30". I won't buy anything under 10' unless it's for grayling, at least that is what I am thinking at this stage.

The Kvichak River is a Prime Spey River, the 11'ers are the best beading sticks from a boat I have come across.


thenewlushlife 12-23-2012 05:21 PM

Re: Moving from a spey rod to a switch.
I also use a z-axis mine is 11' 8wt and is my go-to spey rod because no matter the river size, and im throwing d-loops and catching stealies. Obviously its discontinued, but there is hope. The sage tcx comes in a 11'9" switch model, the extra nine inches makes it more of a compact spey rod then a switch. Also, it has a super fast action and can throw monster casts and heavy tips on a skagit. I think the sage tcx 7119-4 is your best bet.

fredaevans 12-23-2012 05:37 PM

Re: Moving from a spey rod to a switch.
Lenght of rod, is like ... what you like after the lights go out ... 'It's in the eye of the beholder?'

I've had rods 18 foot long, and cast a 20. Both beat the heck out of me. For very special situations my 15-16 footers never see water. Longer is not better save for the situation 'demands' same.

Just my .02 cents.

Guys who love the longer rods? Bless 'Um. Not my cup of tea.:teef:

Guest1 12-23-2012 06:46 PM

Re: Moving from a spey rod to a switch.
I use a 15 foot rod all the time. I don't have to drag fish into gravel ever. I have landed some really big fish on a 15' rod that never touched the beach and all by hand. Have you ever tried a net or just hand landing them because I don't see a foot or two of rod making a big difference if you are already having a problem with it.

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