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Thread: Switch Rod

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacFly55 View Post
    skandi head with poly leaders???

    Is that a scandinavian head and ???
    Scandi head is a Scandinavian style shooting head. Airflo's Scandi Compact, Beulah's Elixir, and Rio's AFS are examples of these shooting heads.

    Polyleaders are coated monofilament leaders that are designed to float or sink. On the terminal end, all one needs to do is tie on a few feet of tippet. You do not need to use furled leaders. Airflo has Polyleaders. Rio has Versileaders.

    I thought that I posted the following link in this thread. I didn't. Read it. It will get you up to speed on the terminology.


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    That is if you're going to spey cast with a switch rod.

    I don't plan to, so I want to use a 9ft furled leader with 18" - 24" of tippet.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuronRiverDan View Post
    Dennis, great clip on skating flies...and thanks again for all the help you gave me...

    Mac, I have the same rod you do. I rigged mine with a Scandi head and use poly leaders with it, I love it.

    are you using spey casts.. or switch cast??

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    Mac, I used the rod for my entire Steelhead season. I used it swinging tube flies, streamers, and indicator fishing. As far as casting went, I did some spey type casting as well as overhead. The rod is a roll casting dream; when I spey cast with it and did everything the way I was supposed to it was great.

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